The Salvation Army came to Fountain Colorado in the early 90′s, and opened their doors in 2000.  Since opening the doors in Fountain, we have served families with emergency food and utility assistance.  Along with our social services and utilities assistance, we are involved in Community Care Ministries (CCM).  The Salvation Army holds regular Church service every Sunday at 10:30 am and Sunday school at 9:30 am for adults and youth.  We also have programs for the youth which are held weekly.  Those programs are Sunbeams, Adventure Corp and Girl Guards.  These programs help build character and allow Christian fellowship among young people.

Food Pantry and Other Assistance

Our food pantry is open to local residents daily.  With the current impact of the economy, we have seen an incline in the need of food and other assistance.  With the help of donors and the community, we are able to provide the basic food necessities.  When the funds are available, we also help with clothing, Utility assistance, Bibles, and educational classes.

Youth Programs

Adventure Corp, Girl Guards, and Sunbeams are a few programs that The Salvation Army has to help grow, nurture, and teach Godly living.  Much like scouting programs the children earn badges; there are also opportunities to compete and show their accomplishments.  The Salvation Army also offers programs to older youth such as Y.P.L. (young people’s league) and Corps Cadets.  In these programs, young teens learn bible knowledge, community service, as well as have the opportunity to earn college scholarships and participate in overseas ministries.

Church Service

Every Sunday our doors are open at 9:30 am for Sunday school with worship service following at 10:30 am.  There is also a time of fellowship afterwards.  In our sunday school classes we use the material called Word Action; The material has been written by Christians for Christians and seekers of all faith levels.  Our youth studies are made specifically to care for our young children in encouragement and growth.  Our congregation is open to all who want to come and worship God with love and truth.